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florist crepe, 50 x 250 cm

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florist crepe bleeding colours, grass green
rolls 50 x 250 cm
5 rolls in the package
2,98 EUR
2,98 EUR per Role
Biedermeier cuffs, paper metallic

Note the size range for the color

Biedermeier cuffs, paper metallic
paper Printed
25 pieces in the package
from 10,89 EUR
Niflamo-Krepp-Dekoband B1, 8 cm x 30 m
individually in Poly, treacly inflammable to German Institute for Standardization 4102
1,82 EUR
1,82 EUR per piece
Fire protection spray 201

make decorative fabrics
flame retardant B1 according to DIN 4102

7,44 EUR
7,44 EUR per piece
Niflamo crepe-B1, 50 cm x 50 m
individually in poly, flame retardant to DIN 4102
Price per roll
17,43 EUR
17,43 EUR per piece
crepe paper wire, 2 mm x 100 m, black
Our standard price 6,37 EUR
Your price 6,05 EUR
You save 5%
6,05 EUR per Role