Shipping & payment conditions

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The office Hanau is closed due to structural defects

In general, deliveries of goods take place against advance payment with new customers.
Customers who want to buy on "invoice" against payment target requires a previous registration with credit check.
Excluded are public institutions (public institutions, the federal government, districts, cities, communities, their kindergartens and schools, churches,
Associations whose board submits a purchase authorization) and associations.

The minimum order value in the shop is 30,00 Euro net, up to 50,00 Euro (EXPORT 100,00 Euro min)net will be charged a minimum quantity surcharge of 5,00 Euro. For this we can keep our wholesale prices so low even with small quantities.

Due to different product groups, the delivery and shipping costs can be calculated only after your assortment. Unfortunately, the shipping costs can not be given a flat rate. These costs differ depending on whether heavy, bulky, or fragile items are ordered. Shipping costs are always charged at our discounted wholesale rates.

Standard packages are calculated with handling fees, packaging and shipping documents and 2.75 euros and transport costs including tolls within Germany 5.60 euros per shipping package. This applies to packages up to XL after UPS calculation. Girth max. 3 m. Special packaging and bulky goods are shown separately and, if possible, calculated at the order confirmation. The sale is in euros.
For export deliveries, also overseas, the actual UPS or forwarding costs are calculated and calculated.

Please note, for goods delivery under comments, the desired delivery date to tell us. Any resulting express costs will be shown separately on our order confirmations.
If same-day immediate delivery by express is desired will be charged 15.00 euros special handling fees. For this purpose, we will provide you with one employee exclusively for your shipment preparation.

Unsere Transportunternehmen für den nationalen- und internationalen Versand:

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