Niflamo crepe-B1, 50 cm x 50 m

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No-Flam-Krepp B1, 100 cm x 50 m, extrastrong
Separately in Poly, flame retardant according to DIN 4102
60 g/qm extrastrong
47,36 EUR
47,36 EUR per piece
Niflamo crepe B1, 50 cm x 10 m
Niflamo crepe paper rolls to B1 flame retardant
Roll 50 cm x 10 m,
from a pack of 5 or 50 rolls in a box
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Price per roll
4,34 EUR
4,34 EUR per Role
Balloons mixed, 95 cm circumference
100 pieces in set
price for a set
10,06 EUR
10,06 EUR per Bags
Streamers flame retardant colorful, 4 m
7 mm x 4 m, 16/20 rolls in a pack of 3
Streamers flame retardant colorful
different lengths and widths
1,73 EUR
1,73 EUR per Pack
Niflamo-Krepp B1, 19 cm x 50 m
individually in Poly, treacly inflammable to German Institute for Standardization 4102
Use: table runner, decorative ribbons, turned as a garland or ceiling decoration
5,83 EUR
5,83 EUR per Role
Niflamo-Krepp B1, 100 cm x 50 m
Niflamo crepe paper rolls to B1 difficult to ignite
37,54 EUR
37,54 EUR per piece