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Niflamo crepe B1, 50 cm x 10 m

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Florist crepe set 39 colors
Florist crepe set 39 colors
56,62 EUR
56,62 EUR per Pack
Jubilee figures with pin "25" silver, 8 x 12 cm
8,09 EUR
8,09 EUR per Pack
Ideal for packing of Christmas or festive gifts

Price per roll
8,93 EUR
8,93 EUR per Role
Paper flags in offset printing, 4 color
from 1000 pieces
Print: offset on both sides, 4 color of the presentation
Price for 1000 pieces
849,07 EUR
849,07 EUR per Set
NoFlam Crepe B1, 25 cm x 10 m, blue
Season prices according to club or dealer entry
Single in poly, flame retardant according to DIN 4102
As table runners or ceiling hangers
Also turned as a garland for the optical room decoration
2,74 EUR
2,74 EUR per piece
Tissue paper wreaths white-green,
Diameter: 75 cm
Price for each
8,57 EUR
8,57 EUR per piece