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Niflamo crepe B1, 50 cm x 10 m

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Niflamo-Krepp B1, 100 cm x 50 m
Niflamo crepe paper rolls to B1 difficult to ignite
Roll 100 cm x 50 m, foil-wrapped individually
Price from 14.77 per roll net
31,89 EUR
31,89 EUR per piece
natural kraft paper, machine glazed, 100 cms x 10 m
price per roll
Box 20 rolls on packexport only
3,81 EUR
3,81 EUR per Role
Florist crepe set 39 colors
Florist crepe set 39 colors
56,62 EUR
56,62 EUR per Pack
Jubilee figures with pin "25" silver, 8 x 12 cm
8,09 EUR
8,09 EUR per Pack
Ideal for packing of Christmas or festive gifts

Price per roll
8,93 EUR
8,93 EUR per Role
Paper flags in offset printing, 4 color
from 1000 pieces
Print: offset on both sides, 4 color of the presentation
Price for 1000 pieces
849,07 EUR
849,07 EUR per Set