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Decorate with us:
Hall decoration: Niflamo crepe paper up to 1 m, 50 cm wide and 50 m long, tablecloths, garlands, balloons, flag chains, pennants, decorative fans, honeycomb balls, lanterns, ceiling hangers,
Shop window: decorative banners, decorative films, figures, wall elements, food dummies,
Floristry: florist crepe, ribbons - cords, accessories, decorative vessels, carrier bags, packaging materials, gift wrap, decorative spray,
Trade: gift packaging, tissue papers, sales displays
Gastronomy: tablecloth paper - foil - fabric - fleece, napkins for all occasions, candles, room decoration, seasonal decoration
Kindergartens, schools: craft supplies, aquarola crepe, fine crepe, corrugated cardboard, colorful boxes and much more
Clubs: seasonal decoration elements, sports decoration, country decoration, football,
Packaging: carrier bags, filling material, decorative filling (swirls), cardboard packaging, gift boxes, festive packaging

Here you will find selected items from our entire range of decoration supplies.
Krepppapier.de is a department of the fws-design-group.
You can see the general product overview on our standard homepage HERE.

Clubs indicate the club name in the “Company” section!


The crepe paper shop only stocks items with large stocks.
As a dealer, please note that you can only be included in the dealer portal by providing your VAT ID number.
Register as a customer and inform us on Tel. 06058 1002 so that we can activate you as a customer.
This means you can enjoy your dealer and graduated prices.

Our prices are net plus the total. VAT and intended exclusively for retailers, florists, clubs, associations and municipalities.

When setting up your customer account, please make sure to include your company, institution or club name, otherwise you will be classified as a private customer. This also applies to kindergartens, schools and churches.

We have included a mobile sales stand for garden centers, florists and retailers.

Ideal for crepe rolls for the sales area

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